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Learning in Languages, Literacy and Communication

Talk about the Dear Santa story book with your grown up. Did you like this story? Why? How do you think Santa was feeling at the start of the story? How do you think he was feeling at the end of the story? Santa has been working hard to find just the right presents for everyone else ... what do you think would be the perfect present for Santa?


Create a 'Dear Santa' pictorial list. Draw or cut out pictures of 5 things that you would like Santa to wrap up and bring for you on Christmas Eve. Draw or stick the pictures vertically in a list format and try to write the initial sound next to each gift.


Santa and his elves have been really busy making lots of lovely toys for the boys and girls who are on the 'Nice List'. But once the presents are all wrapped up Santa can sometimes get muddled and forget who the gifts are for. Design and make a gift tag and write your name on it.  At bedtime leave your special gift tag next to the Christmas tree so that the elves know it is ready to collect. I wonder if you will have a present from Santa waiting for you on Christmas morning with your special gift tag on it!

You can design your own gift tag or you might like to print off and use this 'Christmas Bauble' template for your gift tag design.


It took Santa a long time to find just the right present in the story book. Have a good look around your house and make a collection of about 5 things that you think would make good presents for people in your family or friends. Can you use describing words to describe each present ... soft/hard, big/small, long/short, rough/smooth? What other describing words can you think of?


Santa's name begins with a 's' sound, what sound does your name begin with? Think about the names of the different people in your family what sounds do their names begin with? You could draw a picture of each person and try to write the letter sound next to the picture or you could ask your grown up to write the letter sound.