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Learning in Mathematics and Numeracy

The presents in the 'Dear Santa' book were all different shapes and sizes. Look at the 'Dear Santa' story book again, can you find a present that is a circle shape? a square shape? a rectangle shape? Were there any triangle shape presents?


Draw around or ask your grown up to draw a circle, square, rectangle and triangle for you to cut out. Talk about these different 2D shapes. How many sides do they have? Are the sides straight or curved? How many corners do they have? Cut out the 2D shapes. Can you draw a present to hide behind each of the shapes, just like the presents were hidden in the 'Dear Santa' story.


Santa and the elves have been working so hard they haven't noticed how much it has been snowing outside. When they stop to have a break they pop on their warm coats, hats and gloves and rush outside to build a snowman. Playing in the snow is so much fun! Unfortunately it hasn't started snowing in Rhiwbina yet but if you ask your gown up to print off the 'Build a Snowman' templates you can build your own 2D shape snowman  This is a great activity to do as you will be practising your cutting and sticking skills as well as your maths skills. Happy building!

Santa needs your help to check he has the correct number of presents. Look at the the different objects on Santa's pictorial list and touch count them carefully. Remember to double check your counting to make sure you have the correct answer. Good luck!

Oh no! The naughty elves have been up to mischief again and have hidden some of the numbers off the washing line. Work with your grown up to count the objects of the washing line ... can you work out the missing numbers? Try to write them in or tell your grown up and they can write the missing numbers for you. Happy counting!