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Letters and Sounds - Phase One Home Learning Tasks

I-Spy Challenge

Begin playing I-Spy by naming each picture in turn - 'Can you see a bee?'

Support your child in asking you some 'Can you spot a...?' questions.

Then, when they are confident, try making it slightly harder - 'Can you spy an insect that makes honey?'

Again, support and model ideas to help your child in describing their chosen picture.


If your child then decides they want to go and spot bees in the garden or asks you to explain how honey is made then go with it!! You can come back to this activity, or anything else on the site, later.

General Sound Discrimination Ideas

In this 'Rhyming Strips' activity you need to name each picture (parents read word above) and listen for the one that doesn't rhyme. Model this activity for your child to support them in beginning to hear rhyming words. 

Can you think of any other words that rhyme with the pictures? Again, model this for your child - encourage them to repeat some of your rhyming words to enable them to begin to discriminate rhyming words.