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Literacy tasks Week 13



This book is an eBook. You can find the story at Oxford and search for starfish. ( You may need to register to log in)

The story is very simple Year 2.We think you can write a much more exciting story.

Use the sentences that are in the book (they have a green book next to them) and write your own exciting sentences.

How many describing words can you find? Use them to help you write 2Ad and LLL sentences using lots of WOW words. 

Use your senses to add what the characters could see, hear, touch, taste and smell in each setting.

Use the pictures to write your own speech bubbles.

Write the next chapter of the story. When the characters go into the cave what will they find next time?

Change the ending to the story- do they have finish and chips every time?

Change the characters in the story and put you and your family in to the story. 

Research facts about starfish using the internet, books!

Create a starfish fact file using JIT Write.

Create you own eBook using Book Creator App. Insert pictures, text, audio and video and send you book to your teachers.

You can even record yourself telling the story!

Write a script to turn the story into an action movie. 

Create a movie trailer (perhaps using iMovie) for your film.