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Literacy tasks Week 14

 This week we have chosen an Information book on the  Oxford Owl website that we think fits perfectly with our Sporty feel for the last week in school as Year 2.

You have all worked so hard and we are really proud of you.

You can decide what you want to write about and how you want to present it.

First read the eBook at and search for Sport Then And Now.(You  may need to register to log in).

The first idea we had was that you read each part of the book and then think of some comprehension questions you could ask a friend or your teacher to make sure that they have read it carefully (or can use the book to find the answers). 

Now write about a sport you do and explain how you do it . 

Research facts about  a sporting hero from any sport you like and find pictures and information to create your own fact file using JIT Write.

Choose one or all of the sports in the book and make a list of how each has changed.

Are there any similar changes in the different sports?.

Can you add  a new information page  about a sport that is not included in the book?

Have Fun