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Mathematics and Numeracy Activities

The focus of our Maths this week is working with teen numbers.  At this point in the academic year most, if not all, children have become secure in their recognition and order of numbers up to 10 and are now ready to move beyond this.  


If your child is unsure of their numbers to ten then we suggest that you complete this week’s activities first with numbers to 10, only moving on to teen numbers when they can confidently and independently identify and order numbers to 10.


If your child is working with numbers beyond 20, then we suggest that you complete the activities for this week to ensure that these teen numbers are embedded - not just counting or identifying teen numbers, but moving forwards and backwards on the number line such as one or two more/less using mental recall independently. If these skills are secure then we ask you to look at numbers up to 100 with the support of a hundred square or number line where needed with your child.


We hope you enjoy the numeracy activities this week. If you would like to supplement any of the numeracy learning provided this week then there are a range of websites such as TopMarks that offer fun mathematical games that you can explore.  Please see the website links below.


Have fun!

Useful Maths websites your child may enjoy to supplement their learning this week...