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The Mystery of the Sandcastle Stamper


We have been so impressed with the maths work that you have been doing at home and in school that this week we thought we would set you a super Maths challenge to end Year 1!


Whilst our holiday plans this year might need to be different than planned, hopefully we will all have the chance to enjoy some sunshine on the beach.

What do you like doing at the seaside?

Do you like building sandcastles?


The beach at Oyster Bay has an annual sandcastle competition every summer.

Everyone gets very creative, and whole families spend hours on the beach building their sandcastle works of art.

This year the competition is being judged by the Mayor of Oyster Bay, and first prize is a fish supper from Our Plaice Fish Bar every week for a year!

However, by lunchtime on the day of the competition, disaster has struck.

Someone has stamped on all of the sandcastles, and destroyed the beautiful structures before they could be judged!

There had been a children’s party on the beach front that morning.  


As part of this Mystery of the Sandcastle Stamper activity there are 5 different challenges.

You will have to find missing numbers, practise your adding and taking away, find change from £1 and use your place value skills.

Match the answers to the words and then rearrange the words into a sentence to make a clue!

Then use the 5 clues to work out who the mystery Sandcastle Stamper is! (There is a list of possible suspects on page 2.)


When you have worked out who did it log on to Purple Mash to access your ‘The Sandcastle Stamper’ 2Do.


In the text box at the bottom complete the sentence to tell us who you think the mystery Sandcastle Stamper is and in the picture box  draw a picture or use the clip art to show the scene of the crime or what you think the mystery Sandcastle Stamper looks like.


*** We will send a Schoop on Thursday to reveal the identity of the mystery Sandcastle Stamper!!!


Good luck! Happy crime solving!

Remember that lots of you still have Maths games to finish on your Abacus Maths Pupil World.

Set yourself the challenge of completing all the games before Year 2.

Your Year 2 teacher would be super impressed to see that you have been working so hard.


They’re really fun games and a super way to practise your maths skills! 

Go on, you can do it!