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Maths Activity 1

Consolidating understanding of 2-digit numbers


*** This activity will be explored during your child's time at school this week ***

*** Please only complete this activity if your child is not attending school this week - thank you ***


Look at the Minibeast Missing Numbers Square sheet.

Some of the numbers have been eaten by the minibeasts!

Can you write in all of the missing numbers?

Think about how you are going to do this.

Will you start at the beginning of each line and count along in ones or will you start at the top of each column and count down in tens?

Now you have filled in the 100 square.

Can you explain an easy way to add 10 using this special square?

Choose a number from the top row and count on in 10s and then back again. 


Parents ... Click on the Mathsframe link below.

This simulates a 100-bead string.

You can move all the beads to the right of the string and move individual or groups of beads to the left side of the string by clicking on selected beads.

The controls in the bottom right hand corner also allow you to move 1 or 10 beads to the left or right of the string to show addition and subtraction.

By clicking on the top 00 button, the number the pointer is pointing to is shown in the right hand corner.

The bottom 00 button shows/hides the number the mouse pointer is on.

Using the bead tool, can you place the pointer on the number 7? 

What is 10 more than this number? (Move the pointer to 17) 


Parents ... Explain that we don’t need to count on in ones to do this, we can use our ‘clever counting’ in 10s.

Carry on adding 10 until you reach 97. 

Practise starting at different numbers and counting on in 10s.