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Maths and Numeracy Tasks Week 11

Adding two 2 digit numbers


To develop confident mental skills, children are encouraged to add the 10s numbers, then to add the units/ones numbers.

eg 47 + 26


40 + 20 = 60      add the '10s' numbers


7 + 6 = 13          add the '1s' numbers


60 + 13= 73     put the totals together to find the final answer


Perhaps practise/model a few on paper or a white board.

Subtracting 2 digit numbers


To develop confident mental skills when subtracting, children are encouraged to find the different between two 2 digit numbers.


eg 32-26





An interactive version of this has been allocated to everyone in Year 2 in their Active Learn profile.

Different examples can be practised using the number tool.

The children can draw a line and put the smaller number at the start and the larger number at the end. In school we use a frog to jump on. Frog starts at the smaller number 26 and hops on to the next multiple of 10, 30 is then marked on the line. A hop from 30 to the 32 is then made.

What has happened? To find the difference these jumps were made 

           4+2 =6                                                                                            

 so      32-26=6

Children may need to be reminded that subtraction isn't only 'taking away'.

This method is also very useful when working out change.

Multiplication and Division


Children are encouraged to apply their knowledge of multiplication and division in word challenges/problems. 




They need to:

decide what they are being asked to find out

what coin is involved

what step they count in (that coin)

what the answer is


Reasoning and Problem Solving
and to mark the return of Premiership and Championship football ..........

Sporty Maths in a Minute


Ready Steady Go!

What can you do in a minute?!


See how many...

press ups,     star jumps,     burpies,     ball bounces,    beanbag throws, 

.. can do in a minute!

Record your results on a chart.

Think of extra challenges.

Challenge your parents!

See if you can beat your friends!

Remember 1 minute is 60 seconds.