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Maths and Numeracy Tasks Week 8



Practise  counting back in 10s from any number up to 100 eg 93  83  73  63 ...

Then perhaps try up to 1000  eg 372  362  352  342  ...


Remember that it is only the tens number that changes.


Next try counting back 'near' 10 numbers. This can be done in different ways

eg      take away 21     Count back 20 and then count back 1 more

          take away 32    Count back 30 and then  count back 2 more

          take away 29    Count back 30 and then add on one more


You can check your answer by using the corresponding addition fact/ by doing the inverse operation.

eg       43-20=23   as   23+20=43

           56-21=35    as   35+21=56

3D Shape


Learn/Reinforce  the names of these 3D shapes: cube, cuboid, cylinder, sphere, pyramid, cone, triangular prism.


Go on a 3D shape hunt around the kitchen/house/garden. Identify packets, containers, play things that are                       

3D shapes  eg balls-spheres; baked bean tins- cylinders etc.


Arrange 3D shapes in repeating patterns eg cuboid, cylinder, sphere, cuboid, cylinder, sphere  ...

                   eg  cuboid, sphere, cuboid, cylinder, cuboid, sphere, cuboid, cylinder ....

Perhaps take a photo and upload it onto J2e.


Identify 2D shapes on the surfaces of 3D shapes eg a circle on a cylinder, a triangle on a pyramid.


Practise counting the faces, edges and vertices (points/corners) on 3D shapes.


Write/Solve 3D shape riddles 

eg I am a 3D shape.

I have 6 faces. 

All of my faces are squares.

I have 8 vertices.

I have 12 edges.

What am I ?




Practise counting up amounts of (preferably real!) coins and notes up to £1


Record amounts of money using decimal notation.

eg £1.95



£0.75   or    75p


Set up a shop with a particular theme eg books/gardening things/soft toys etc. Write price labels and have fun shopping!


Find different ways of making amounts.

There are some useful video clips on the White Rose Maths website. They are helpful for reinforcing strategies that the children may not be confident with.