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Maths and Numeracy Tasks Week 12



Talk about what temperature is and how we measure it.

Talk about the temperatures in Wales and around the United Kingdom at the moment. 

Say that water freezes at zero degrees.

Mention that temperatures are lower at night, discuss why.

Use BBC weather to find out the temperature for places you have                           

visited (or would like to visit!) or where family and friends live.

Look at the map of the world and order the places from coolest to hottest.

Look at the thermometers showing the temperature in New York and London. Find out how much warmer it is New York by finding out the difference, by counting on.

Use to practise identifying temperature scales marked in 2s, 5s and 10s, including minus temperatures. (You may need to enable Flash on your settings to use this activity.)

Look at the thermometer in the water. Work out how many degrees it needs to increase to get to 100 degrees.



Children need to be secure in knowing the value of every digit in different numbers. This week there are activities to practise recognising the value of every digit in 2, 3 and 4 digit numbers. They will also compare the numbers.




These are some suggested activities to get your maths brains thinking!

Seeing Squares for Two 


Nice or Nasty

Your child may  remember this Place Value activity, as lots of Year 2 enjoyed this dice game earlier in the year.