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Maths and Numeracy Week 13

This week we will be practising rounding numbers to the nearest 10.


Look at the items for sale on the screen. Ask your child to mark the prices on the 0-£1 landmarked line. Find the nearest multiple of 10. Use number facts to check eg £18 rounds to £20  as it's only 2 jumps from 18 to 20.


Look at numbers on a number square. Ask what 10 number (10  20  30 40 ...) they are closest to. If the 1s number  is less than 5 explain it is closer to the multiple of 10 below, so we round down. eg 43 would round  down to 40. Explain that if the 1s number is 5 (or more) we round up eg 45 would round up to 50.


Make snakes out of playdough and measure them. Round the measurements to the nearest 10cm. 


Roll 2 dice to generate 2 digit numbers. Mark them on the 1-100 number line (located below). Decide whether to round up or round down.


If confident, practise rounding numbers to 10 within 1000.


Then go onto rounding numbers to the nearest 100 eg 360 would round to 400,  450 would round up to 500, 732 would round to 700.


Good luck!