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Mega City Story

This is a lovely little film from the makers of the Spanish lottery advert 'Loteria de Navidad'.  All the way through the film we think that Jack is saving up for a motorbike but at the end he realises just being out in nature with his best friend is enough.


James Wellbeloved - 'Mega City'

Brand: James Wellbeloved Spot: 'Mega City' Track: 'Landslide' (Fleetwood Mac) - Re-record

Retell the story in your own words as a 3rd person narrative.

Retell the story in the 1st person either as Jack or his dog.

Describe the city and the countryside using descriptive language.

Make a list of chores Jack could do to collect pocket money.

Write a conversation through the eyes of Jack and his dog.

Create an advert for your own bike that can be put into this TV advert on the poster Jack keeps.

Change the characters to you and an animal of your choice!

Create an advert for your own pet food.

Use Pic Collage or JIT to write a thought bubble/sentence for each character about how they are feeling using the pictures.