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Down on Your Farm

What do you already know about farms? 


Do you already know the names of any farm animals? What is a baby cow called? What is a baby horse called?  What do we use a sheep's fleece for once its been shorn?  What do bees give us?  What is a pig's home called?  What do chickens eat? 

Talk to your grown up about everything you know about farms already and anything that you would like to find out.

The links below might help you.

My Farm Mapping Activity

This week we would like you to make a model of a farm.  We use large tuff trays in Nursery when we create 3D 'maps' but, as none of us have those at home, we are asking you to be creative!  You can use anything you want.  Small boxes, duplo or hardback books stood on end with one over the top to create shelters,  paper to cut out or rip long thin shapes for roads or large pieces for paddocks, sticks, leaves and  stones collected on your walks. You could mark out the boundaries of fields with pencils - let your imagination go wild!


The aim of this activity is to begin to develop an understanding of maps and the relationships between different objects. As you create your farm together try to model the language of location and position - can you put the barn next to the pond? Will the tractor be in the barn or behind the barn? can you put the sheep between the stables? Would the cat like to sleep on the roof or under the bridge? 


These pictures will give you some ideas but obviously we are not asking for anything too elaborate! 

Animal Templates

Here are some animal templates that you could use if you don't have any other farm animals at home.  The double sided animals should be folded, glued, and then held up using two spring loaded pegs (wooden ones would be good) as the legs.

Down on Your Farm Game

Now that you have had a go at creating your own model fam, how about having a go of playing this game and creating a virtual farm!

Care for your animals, plant seeds and see them grow! A lot changes on your farm during spring, summer, autumn and winter. Happy farming!

Virtual Farm Tours

Unfortunately we can't go and visit a farm at the moment but you might like to have a look at these different farm tours to help you understand what life is like on the farm. Happy visiting!

On the farm - A day in the life of an dairy farmer

Ever wondered what life is like on a dairy farm? Follow farmer Tom during a typical day and find out what he and his herd of organic cows get up to.

Virtual Farm Tour - Droke Farm

Farming family Harry, Jo and Jack show us what life is like on Droke Farm - an organic dairy farm home to 250 dairy cows.

CBeebies: Down On The Farm - All About Tractors

Tractors have a very important job on a farm - watch this clip from CBeebies Down On The Farm to see what jobs they get up to.

Tractor Ted Meets the Animals

Watch this clip of Tractor Ted as he meets all the animals and their babies on the farm.