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Superheroes need to be super fit and super healthy which means they need to get plenty of exercise, drink lots of water, and eat a balanced and healthy diet. 

Watch the Power point attached below to reinforce what healthy eating means. Ask your child to design a balanced meal (breakfast, lunch or tea) that they think would be good for a Superhero to eat to keep them healthy and strong.  They can make their own plate or bowl from paper or card, use a paper plate, or use the template provided.  The foods can be drawn, painted or collaged onto the plate.  When complete, ask your child to explain their choices.


Need a Stepping Stone?

If your child is having trouble thinking of, or drawing their food ideas, then they can inspiration from the pictures on the third link below.  They could also use the pictures by printing them, cutting them out and sticking them on their plate or bowl.


Need a further challenge?

They can choose a healthy drink.

They can attempt to label the foods they have chosen.