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Today we are playing a phonics game of letter names and sounds!


Throughout their time in Reception all the children have enjoyed daily Letters and Sounds phonic input. Learning letter sounds is a vital tool in allowing children to develop their learning across the whole curriculum. They are the staple foundation of learning to read and write. We would encourage you to use the phonics page of our Reception page on the school website (linked below) which has been running since the Autumn term to support your child's phonics progress both in lockdown and on our return to school.

Throughout Phase 2 a key focus has been on the sound that each letter makes. In phase 3 we build on this and also introduce the names of the letters as said in the alphabet song. Todays activity will encourage your child to reinforce the link between letter names and sounds.


We have provided a set of lower-case letter flash cards and ask that you either print or make 2 sets of these. We would like you to hold up a letter and say the name of it. Encourage your child to find the same letter and say the sound it makes. On matching both letters together, lay them alongside each other and repeat the name and sound together.


You could also carry out a pairs game where upon finding both letters the name and sound are said out loud. Who ever finds the pair and says these correctly gets to keep the cards. The winner of this game would be the person with the most cards at the end.

Need a stepping stone?

If your child is unable to recognise each letter sound in Phase 2 then the above activities can still be played simply by matching the letters to the sounds instead of the letter name. Your child must be secure in recognising the letters and their sounds before progressing to letter names to avoid confusion at this stage. 


Need a further challenge?

We have also provided a set of capital letters below. This matching game can also be played in the same way but matching the lower-case to the upper-case letters. This is a great next step to aid their writing and recognition of capital letters which will be needed for reading sentences too!