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We place importance on scissor skills in school as it allows a child to build up the little muscles in their hands with the open/close motion. These muscles are so crucial for holding a pencil and gripping and manipulating objects.  It helps to develop their writing, painting and doing everyday things like brushing their teeth, eating with utensils and getting dressed. Bilateral coordination is also addressed when they have to hold the scissors in one hand and paper in the other. It is also essential that a child holds scissors correctly and helps greatly if they have left handed scissors if that is their dominant hand. (See posters below)


Today we've got a Superhero challenge for your child to do.  Print out the sheets if possible and ask your child to start with the easiest sheet (straight lines) remind them to start at the arrow and work their way towards the Superhero.  If they find that easy then  try the sheet with the wavy lines and if a further challenge is needed then try the circles. (You may need to show them how to cut into the paper to reach each circle. If you haven't got access to a printer then draw straight lines on a piece of paper for your child to follow, if they find that easy, draw wavy lines and if they still need a challenge then they can draw around a cup or glass to cut around. 


Need a Stepping Stone?

If your child is still at the snipping stage then they can use scissors to snip up playdough or you can give them strips of paper to chop up into a container.  Snipping cooked spaghetti or paper/plastic straws is also fun and builds up the strength in the hands that they need and gets them used to holding scissors correctly. 


Need a Further Challenge?

Ask your child to find small objects around the house to draw around eg a cup, mobile phone, pencil, coaster etc (they may need help to draw around them) and then attempt to cut out, keeping as close to the lines as possible.