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Today we are looking at 'Days of the Week!'


We have touched upon days of the week in class and we know that many  of our children can sing or recall a days of the week song. Today we would like to refresh children's memories of the days of the week and to embed the order that they come in. We will also look at 'today', 'tomorrow', and 'yesterday'.


Start your activity by having a look at the different songs and rhymes to help your child recall the days from memory. Here are some songs to get you started...

Days of the Week Song | The Singing Walrus

Seven Days

Days of the Week Sing-along Song

Seven Days - Alternate Video

Once you have finished having a dance and sing-song to these fun songs, then it is time to convert these spoken words into written ones. Whilst your child will not be able to sound these words out at the moment, they will be able to learn them by sight - the same way as they learn tricky words. 


To get you started here are two fun games that you can play together - snap and matching pairs. You don't need to print these out - you can make your own cards to play this game with some paper and pencils (felt tip pens can be seen from the other side of the paper!). We have also attached below days of the week flashcards if you would prefer this format. 

Whilst playing each game of snap and matching pairs, reinforce what day the word is by saying it together before moving on to the next card. It is important to do this so that they have opportunities to link the spoken word to the written as well as reinforce the shape of each word, rather than the colour of the flashcard (you could print in grey/black to take out the colour matching!). 


Once they have played the games they should now be familiar with the words and which days of the week they are. Now to try and order them!


For ordering make sure you jumble them all up first and then  scatter them at random in front of your child. You could tack them up on a wall, peg them on a line, place them in order on the floor, or stick them to the fridge...whatever suits you best! Once they have had a try at putting them on the line, encourage them to sing their days of the week and work their way across. Are they in the right order? If so...hooray! Great job! If not, don't takes lots of practise to get this right! Many children find this the tricky part and it takes lots of rehearsal. 


You can line your second set of cards up in the right order alongside what they have done. Do they match? Are there any jumbled ones? Discuss how you can tell the difference between the words. 


If you have really enjoyed this activity and they have time then you could give your child the cut and stick activity below. They could do this independently so you can gauge how much they have learnt, which in turn helps you to identify how to support your child next. This is not an expectation, just a resource if you would like to use it! 

Need a stepping stone?

It can be tricky learning the days of the week and putting them in order. Keep practising daily the songs so that your child first embeds the days of the week song. Then you can orally order the day so the week by asking questions such as what day comes after...? What comes next - Monday, Tuesday...?  Then when you feel your child is ready then link up the words to the spoken word using the activities above. Repetition, daily if possible, is key for an activity such as this. 


Need a further challenge?

If your child is comfortable ordering the days of the week then you can move on to talking about 'today', 'yesterday' and 'tomorrow'. By looking at the order of the days of the week you can show what today would mean by, then demonstrate yesterday and tomorrow. You can place a toy on today then ask them to identify yesterday and today.  Below is an activity that if you would like to complete as part of a further challenge then you would be more than welcome to complete, however at this stage completing this activity orally is absolutely fine!