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Expressive Art

Ask your grown up to help you browse images of Superheroes on the internet or look at any books that you may have. Talk about what they look like, do they wear special clothes or a uniform? Have they any special powers? Are they able to fly, see through walls, turn invisible? What does a Superhero need to help in their quest? Have they any special gadgets?

Design your own Superhero

Use a sheet of A4 paper and choose  whether you would like to draw your own Superhero from scratch, use the template attached or draw around  a favourite teddy or doll.  Once you have decided you need to get creative and turn the outline into a Superhero!  Is your Superhero a boy or a girl? Have they got long hair like Thor or mask like Batman?  Have they got a cloak like Superman or headband like Wonderwoman? Using whatever media you have (paints, crayons, felts, pencils) draw on any features, special clothes/uniform, gadgets etc.  Think carefully about the colours you use.  If you have any craft materials try collaging materials onto your picture e.g. material for a cloak or wool for hair.

Once completed keep your Superhero safe as you will need it for a writing task later in the week. 

Life size line Superheroes!

This is a fun activity if you have chalks and a dry day!  You are going to create a life sized Superhero! Find a flat surface outside and lie down.  Move your arms and legs into a Superhero pose.  Ask your grown up or sibling to draw around your outline then stand up.  Get creative and turn the outline into a Superhero, adding all their special features.  Ask your grown up to take a photograph of your life size Superhero.