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Today's activity is 'Fine Motor Skills'!


Todays activity may seem a little unusual for a literacy, language and communication task but it forms the foundations for so many literacy skills. As you will have read over the past few weeks of home learning, we always try to encourage the children to form their letter correctly, position them accurately on the lines and to make them a consistent size when writing. Many children can find this challenging or make continued errors as their fine motor skills are still developing. In order to support our children to overcome this key skill we try to incorporate as many fun fine motor skill activities as we can into our daily routines.


Fine motor skills promote the development of muscles from the whole arm through to the finger tips, providing children with the strength required to manipulate mark making equipment. The developed strength and control of the hand and fingers will allow your child to hold their equipment correctly and control these with more precision.

Here are three lovely ideas for your child to have fun making superhero items whilst developing their own fine motor skills for today's activity.


Can they make a colourful superhero badge by cutting out a shape outline in card/cardboard and wrapping it in wool, string or paper?

Can they make a superhero necklace or headband by threading pasta shapes onto string or elastic?

Can they make a superhero shield by threading wool, string or pipe cleaners through the holes of a colander? 


If you would like more ideas for fine motor skills activities at home there is a huge selection to choose from online. Simply type 'Fine motor skills activities' into a search engine such as Google and you won't believe how many great ideas there are!  Pinterest is also a fantastic resource bank where so many contribute and share their ideas, and being picture based it is easy to locate something that you can easily replicate at home. The documents below are ones which we recently discovered from the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde website that also has focused fine motor skill activities that you may like to do too. You can go straight to the activity pages to get started with your child straight away. Have fun! 

Need a stepping stone?

If your child is finding this challenge challenging it may mean that they need to develop their gross motor skills before moving to the small movements of fine motor. Gross motor skills involve movement of larger body parts such as arms and legs to promote balance, muscle strength and co-ordination.  You could get your child to move like a superhero (climb, run, hop etc) or ask them to throw or kick a ball aiming at a toy (the bad guy). Again, online there are a range of activities focused on developing gross motor skills - simply type 'Gross motor skills activities' into a search engine for more ideas for things you can do at home.


Need a further challenge?

Fine motor skills develop at different rates for each individual child. If your child has good control of their hand movements, evidenced in activities such as precise cutting with scissors or controlled letter formation, then you could try the more challenging and intricate skill of tying shoelaces...perfect to develop independent dressing skills too!