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Today's focus is handwriting 'k' and 'p'...


This week we will be completing our ‘One Armed Robot’ handwriting practise with the final two letters 'k' and 'p'.


As with the previous handwriting session we would like you to focus on the correct formation, position on the lines, orientation and size of these letters. As with last week’s letters 'k' is a tall letter so your child will start near the top of the sky section. However, this week we see the introduction of 'p' which is a descending letter meaning that the stem will go down into the mud section of the lines, with the tummy of the letter resting on the line. We have included an example sheet below for your reference to see how we would set out this activity in school.

Need a stepping stone?

If your child finds forming these letters challenging then we suggest that you start forming larger size letters. We have provided large letter templates that your child can use to reinforce the correct formation. Once they are secure with this element try to transfer the letters onto the wider sky grass mud lines provided below.

Need a further challenge?

If your child is secure with their letter formation using the provided sky grass mud lines, as we suggested last week, transfer these letters onto 12mm lined paper. With this week’s letters including a tall and descending letter you may find it useful to shade in the sky, grass, mud section at the start of the line to allow them to get used to the correct positioning. After this they can carry on using the blank lines without a guide.