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The week before last we asked you to talk to your child about the ways in which they can help to reduce, reuse and recycle.  One of the suggestions was to encourage them to recycle things that they use and their belongings when they have finished with them.  We have also asked them to help you to sort your household rubbish in order to help them to develop an understanding of the importance of recycling and to make them aware of many things around the home that can be recycled. 


If your child is unsure what some of the rubbish is made from then they can play the Recycling Game from Twinkl Go attached below.  This game will help to develop their understanding of what items are made from and which bins they need to go into as well as being fun!


Attached below is a pictogram.  Encourage your child to use this pictogram to record how many times they recycle during the week. Print out the sheets and ask your child to cut out the pictures of the recycling items and keep them safe.  For each type of recycling - plastic, metal and tins, paper and cardboard and food waste - add a picture to the pictogram chart.  At the end of the week , ask your child the questions on the pictogram question page about their week to answer orally.  Establish whether or not they could interpret the pictogram and answer the questions with understanding. They may need a little prompting. 


Need a further challenge?

Your child could complete the tally chart to find out how much recycling you have (or do both).  Explain that a Tally chart is another method to record ways of counting objects.  (They have done similar already to represent amounts but may not be familiar with making 'gates').  Ask your child to draw a line to represent each object they recycle, making sure it's next to the correct material.  If they manage to recycle 5 objects of a particular material then they can draw a diagonal line across the 4 lines to make a 'gate'.  Explain that this will make it easier to count.  At the end of the week they can also complete the questions on the pictogram question page about their tally chart. Encourage them to write their answers. 


For a bit of fun and well being,  we've also attached some recycling colouring sheets below.