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 Recycling materials means less rubbish and saves space in dumps and landfills.  When we use materials again, this means we take fewer resources from the Earth.  Recycling materials can produce less pollution helping to keep our environment clean.


Please watch the video link below which helps to explain to your child which materials can be recycled, how they are recycled and what they can be recycled into! 


We have really been impressed with your recent recycling efforts, some of you really are recycling superheroes! 


Your child's job this week is to collect recycling to make a junk model of their choice.  This could be a junk model superhero or something that a superhero could use e.g. a vehicle OR make something that can be reused e.g. a birdfeeder or a plant pot.

Have a look at the examples attached below to give your child some inspiration. We will be looking forward to seeing all of your creative ideas so remember to upload a photo or 2 to Purple Mash.


Need a further challenge?

Ask your child to draw a design of their model and have a try at labelling it or make a list of the materials they are going to use.