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Pretend Play Vet Clinic

Pretend play is a wonderful avenue for children to learn skills as well as work through problems. To start Pet week we'd like you set up your own pretend vet clinic at home.  

How many of these pets can you name? Do you know anything about these animals? Talk to your grown up about them...

Vets are animal doctors. Just like a doctor helps us stay happy and healthy, a vet will help your pet stay happy and healthy. If you have a pet maybe you've been to a vets before. Watch these video clips to help you find out what a vet does and what you could have in your pretend vet clinic.

CBeebies Time for School - A Vet Comes to School

CBeebies Ferne And Rory's Vet Tales - Vet Song

Ferne and Rory sing a fun and energetic song about how important vets are for your pet.

Vet Clinic Pretend Play 

In our Nursery we always have an adult leading, supporting and facilitating play in a new imaginative area for the first few days.  We model the appropriate language and behaviours - in our Vet Surgery it might be how to answer the phone to clients, how they might behave as a worried pet owner, what checks they might make on a pet as the veterinary surgeon - and ensure the children are incorporating mark making into their play (opportunities to imitate writing - making appointments, taking down pet details, writing bills, making name tags for the pets and staff). Please play alongside your child initially when their Vet Clinic is complete to support and enhance their experience and understanding.

Vet Clinic Role Play Resources

  • Can you and your grown up make signs to indicate when your clinic is open and closed?
  • Have you created a reception/waiting area and an examination area?
  • Have you a good supply of pretend medicines and food to help make the pets feel better?
  • Do you have till or container to keep the money when a client has to pay their bill or buy medicine?
  • Have you put prices on the food and medicine you sell?
  • Do you have a telephone so the clients can contact you to make appointments? You could use the resources below to create appointment cards and a booking system.
Remember you can upload photos of your Vet Clinic to your 'My Work' folder on Purple Mash!