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You will need:

10 teddies (you could use teddies from your Vet Clinic if you have already completed Monday's Topic activity)

A basket or box larger enough to hold the teddies!

30 counting objects (you could use Lego blocks, pasta pieces, cereal pieces, pencils or anything else that you have a number of)

2 containers

Number cards 0-6 (you could make these yourself or if you prefer you could print off the pre-made ones)

Warm Up Activity - Counting to 10 Waking Fingers Up!

Ask your child to hold up their hands with all their fingers and thumbs folded down. Tell them that that their fingers are asleep and together you are going to wake them up. Count slowly and clearly in unison to 10, raising one finger for each number spoken. Remember to start your counting at 0 (zero) when you have no fingers showing. When you get to 5, wave one hand in the air because you have woken up all the fingers on that hand! When you get to 10, wave both hands in the air because we have woken up all our fingers!


Counting Objects Activity

Practise counting to 6 and then on to 10, using fingers.

Show your child the basket of teddies and ask, How many teddies do you think there are? Write your child's guess (estimate) down on a piece of paper.

Tip out the teddies and then count them back into the basket, saying each number clearly as you do so: One teddy, two teddies, three teddies, etc. Establish that there are six teddies in the basket.

Once they have counted the teddies out and checked the amount, move the teddies around and ask the question ... how many are there now? By doing this you are helping your child realise the conservation of number. That unless you add or take any objects away that no matter how they are placed the total number of objects remains the same. 

Repeat using a different number of teddies each time, making sure that you do not use more than 10 teddies!

(Remember to have one guess when there are 0 (zero) teddies in the basket.)

Counting Objects Game

Give your child a set of 15 objects and a container (You could use Lego blocks, pasta pieces, pencils etc)

Place the number cards 0−6 in the middle of the table, shuffled and face down.

Explain that you will take turns to take a card.

Take the top card and read the number on it. Show the card to you child and say the number together. Put that many objects into your container.

Ask your child to take the next card and read the number on it. Repeat the number on it together. Ask your child to put that many objects into their container. Count along with your child if they are having trouble counting. If your child doesn't recognise a numeral, hold up the matching number of fingers to give a hint.

Repeat until all the number cards have been used.

At the end of the game work together to count how many objects you each have in your container. As the number of objects could be greater than 10 you might need to support your child when counting up the totals. The winner is the player with the most objects in their container!


Counting and Matching Pictures

Any counting activity is best done practically, however if you would like a paper activity then you can print and cut out these cards. Support your child in counting the objects and matching them to the correct number.  Only use the numbers your child can recognise, and the next one or two.  Support your child in counting logically across each row rather than randomly.