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Today we are going to look at recognising and continuing a repeating patterns that can be formed with objects, sounds, and actions.  You can adapt the activities below to best suit what you have available at home. The most important part is that your child understands what a repeating pattern is and is able to make a repeating pattern accurately and independently by the end of the week. 


We have already spent time in class looking at what makes a repeating pattern and we are delighted that most children are secure in being able to form repeating patterns such as circle, circle, square, circle, circle, square or red circle, blue circle, green square, red circle, blue circle, green square.


We would like your child to build on this and develop more complex patterns independently using objects, actions and sounds.


Step One - Objects

Using different shaped pasta pieces, cereal pieces, counters or even character spaghetti in tomato sauce if you want to get messy, ask your child to create their own repeating pattern. This activity will help you assess what stage their learning is with patterns and as a result will help you know where to begin and what challenge to take to support and enhance their learning this week.  Note that whatever material or resource you use to complete this part of the activity that you will need several pieces the same shape/sizes/colours! If they can make a simple repeating pattern, challenge to make a more complex pattern. 


Step Two - Actions

Now have a go at making different repeating patterns using actions.  It could be clap, clap, jump, jazz hands, clap, clap, jump, jazz hands for example. They could make it into a dance for those budding movers we have in Reception to make it fun! 


Step Three - Sounds

In your child's Purple Mash 2Do folder you will find a music app called 2Explore that has been set as an activity for your child to complete. Here they can have a go at making their own sound repeating patterns using different instruments. You may want headphones on if you need some peace!!


Once you have had a go at these activities then your maths is done for the day...however if you would like your child to build on their learning during independent play and you have Duplo or Lego at home you can give them the 'Pattern Building Challenge Cards' uploaded at the bottom of this webpage!


Need a stepping stone?

If your child has found forming repeating patterns tricky then make it as simple as possible. You can start with just two shapes of pasta (e.g. twirls and shells) with no difference in size or colour. Then just build it up steadily.


Need a further challenge?

Create repeating patterns that become more complex and inform two or three criterion, e.g. size, colour, object. This could take the form of... small green ball, large red train, small blue sock, small green ball, large red train, small blue sock.