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Following on from last week, tell your child that as Superheroes they are going to use their superpowers to see if they can move different objects.  Ask them to talk about the forces they have used to check their understanding.

Investigate a selection of different objects that you can find around your home that use pushes, pulls and twists. Examples include; a scarf, tights, ball, pull along toy, pushchair, skateboard, tube of toothpaste, play-doh, sponge, elastic bands, hair bobble, Lego, toy car, calculator or pen.  Make a label for each force and ask the children to sort the items.  Can they use more than one force on any of the objects?  Are there any objects that they can use all 3 forces?

They can then suggest a way of recording their findings, this could be a photograph of their sorting activity or they can draw their findings on Purple Mash or on paper with an example of one or two objects under each heading of  Push, Pull, Twist which can be photographed and uploaded to Purple Mash if you would like your teacher to see what you have done. 

Further challenge:

Can your child write a sentence about each object?

I can twist a ___________.

I can push a ___________.

I can pull a ____________.