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We always have a shop or café role play area running in Nursery.  We've had a flower shop, a café, a DIY store, a greengrocers, a bakery and a vehicle garage.  Encourage your child to set up a stall of things to sell, with lots of 1p coins to use, and take turns being the shopkeeper and customer.  Model the language that would be used in a real shopping situation.  Remember to take advantage of opportunities to practise counting accurately, forming and recognising numbers, talking about one more and one less and so on.

Sorting Coins

This activity is printable (see below) but so much more fun if you can collect together real coins for your child to sort.  Discuss the different coins, colours, shapes, sizes and values.  Ask them to sort all the coins that are the same into bowls or sets.  Remember to use the terms same and different.  Practise naming the coins.  

You might like to try some coin rubbings or to use a magnet to find out which of the coins are magnetic.

 Matching Coins

Can you match the photo of the coins to their written value in this tricky memory game?  You may need a grown up to help you!


Shopping with coins

Help Daisy to choose the correct coins to pay for her shopping.  This game is quite advanced as it uses coins up to 10p to pay for items.