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Gruffalo Friends

Gruffalo Friends

During his journey through the forest the little mouse meets lots of animals who are all different shapes and sizes ... and the biggest of them all is the Gruffalo!


Height and Length Measures Language

These fun activities focus on comparisons of heights and lengths using woodland animals and trees.

Try to encourage your child to begin to use these words when making size comparisons:

Long Longer Longest

Short Shorter Shortest

Tall Taller Tallest

Small Smaller Smallest

Big Bigger Biggest


Begin by comparing just two lengths and establishing long and short. Which one is long? Which one is short? Then build on this to include one more. Thinking about the words longer, shorter. Then put three objects in order from shortest to longest.  Keep practising and building on this and as they become confident add in a couple more to compare and order using the vocabulary shortest and longest explicitly .

Playdough Snakes

Can you use a small ball of playdough to roll a short slithering snake? And a long one? Can you make a snake that is longer/shorter than this one?

Can you create five snakes, all of different lengths, then talk about them together.  Which is the longest? Shortest? Can you put them side by side and model and encourage language of comparison - 'This snake is longer than that snake' or 'This snake is shorter than that snake'


Once they have finished making playdough snakes that are all of different length then allow your child to compare and order independently first...don't worry if they make mistakes. Some of the best learning can come from making mistakes!


Once they have ordered them ask...

  • Show me the longest.
  • Show me the shortest.
  • Show me one that is longer than this one (point to a shorter length piece)
  • Show me one that is shorter than this one (point to a longer length piece)

Tree Heights

Whilst out on a walk, or in your garden, find some differently sized sturdy twigs.  Using green tissue paper or evergreen leaves can you make them look like very small trees?

Then find a nice area of soft soil and 'plant' the trees. Now you can talk about which tree is tallest or smallest. Encourage your child to talk about the 'trees' using sentences such as 'this tree is taller than that tree'. Ask your child to put them in height order form tallest to smallest.  

A fun, and less chilly, alternative to this task would be to make the 'trees' using duplo or other construction toys.

Pebble Mice (... or Hedgehogs as we're in the woods!)

If you are feeling particularly creative you could find three or four pebbles or small stones and, by drawing, painting or sticking on eyes, ears, whiskers and string tails, you will have made your own mouse family.

Can your child order the mice from smallest to largest?

Help your child to describe them using size comparisons such as, 'This mouse is bigger than these mice but smaller than this mouse'.