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My Lost and Found Story - Purple Mash 2Do activity

My Lost and Found Story


For this activity we would like you to create and act out your own Lost and Found story. Just like the boy in the story we would like you to find an animal on your doorstep. Choose a teddy or a toy animal to star alongside you in your story!


How are you going to try and find out where the toy is from? Who are you going to ask? The boy in the story checked in the Lost and Found Office, he asked some birds and looked in a book!


Where was your toy's home before it came to live with you?  Could you pretend to take it back to the jungle? Or the bottom of the ocean?  Or to an enormous castle high on a hill?


The boy in the story decided to row all the way to the South Pole! How will you travel on your journey? Are you going to row a boat? Drive a train? Fly an aeroplane?


Before setting off, the boy and the penguin packed everything they would need for their journey in a suitcase. What are you going to pack for your journey? What are you going to pack it in? A suitcase? Your school bag? A treasure chest?


What will the weather be like on your adventure and how long will it take? What do you do on your journey, the boy and the penguin told each other stories.


How does your toy feel when you finally manage to return it to its home? Do they want to stay there, or just like the penguin do they find their own way back to your home again? The penguin was very clever and made a boat out of an umbrella!



We know how much you like drama sessions in Nursery so we hope you have lots of fun acting out your own 'Lost and Found' story at home.


For your 2Do you could either draw a picture of you and your toy on your adventure to upload or you could choose to upload a photo of you acting out your adventure. Talk to your grown up about your 'Lost and Found' adventure and ask them to type your words in the speech bubble box. We don't want you to try and retell the whole of your adventure .... maybe just think about your favourite part or can you summarise your adventure in a few sentences. Happy acting!