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New to Phase 3

Week Three of Phase Three!


We hope that your child is enjoying all of the new sounds they are learning and that by moving on they are engaging well with the new content you are covering.  This week now we really get stuck into learning digraphs (two letters that make one sound). These sounds now really start to widen the amount of words your child can read.


Remember it takes time for your child to spot digraph sounds in words. Take plenty of time to spot these sounds within the words where you can. This will help reinforce what you are learning and develop their reading skills.  To do this you will find your learning may become quite worksheet orientated this week but don't worry - it won't be like that every week!  Make the most of the phonic websites listed on the Reception Home Learning 'home' page and if you want some more interactive ideas then use sites such as 'Pinterest' to give you ideas that you may be able to implement and use at home.  Have fun...

This weeks letter sounds we are looking at are... sh, ch, th (as in 'th' sound for that and this), ng

Phase 3 Circle That Word - sh, ch, th, ng

You child has to read the different words in the right hand side box and then circle the one that matches the picture. You don't have to print this sheet off to complete this activity as it can be completed on screen if needed. If your child needs help reading the new sounds then get them to hunt for them in the word and underline them to support them when reading.


Phase 3 Sorting Cards - sh, ch, th, ng

This activity requires you to cut up all of the pictures so that they can be sorted to match the correct letter sound grids. To extend this activity you could ask them to write the word on the back of the picture. This helps to develop their writing and application of the new sounds, and helps them spot where the sound comes from within the word.


Phase 3 Matching activity - sh, ch, th, ng

You can either spend time cutting out all the sound buttons at the bottom of the document or you can get your child to write in the correct sounds. If you ask your child to write the correct sounds give them a piece of paper with 'sh', 'ch', 'th' and 'ng' written on it to model the correct formation and order of the letters.


Phase 3 Sound Mat

This sound mat is provided to help you with any sentence or letter writing you do as part of your daily phonics. Giving this to your child helps them become familiar with using sound mats and become more independent with their writing and learning. It takes a while for them to use a sound mat by themselves so the more you model and show your child how to use this the more confident they will become to use this as a strategy for writing independently.

Blending and Segmenting week 3 (Phase 3, set 8) - words that you can cut up and use as flashcards and then practise with writing.

This weeks High Frequency Words are... 'put' and 'see'.

Phase 3 Phonic Flashcards...don't forget to use the pages for the sounds you have taught so far and to practise every day to help embed and keep new sounds fresh in the mind...

Have fun everyone!