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New to Phase 3

The sounds we will be covering this week and for the upcoming weeks will now be completely new to your child. It will take a little while for this to be embedded and it is usually anticipated that children go through Phase 3 twice as there is so much context and skills to learn. With all of the other sounds covered to date your child will have had some exposure at school, but these ones will really make your child feel like they are making progress. Exciting times!


One thing that you will want to discuss with your child this week is that sometimes that digraphs (two letters that make one sound) can be tricksters because some, not all, have more than one way to say the sound - e.g. oo has a long 'oo' sound as in moon, and a short 'oo' sound as in took. Just introduce to your child this week they are looking at the 'oo' sound but today you will look at the long sound and practise the short sound at another time. However when you do your daily flashcards get your child to say both "'oo' (long) or 'oo' (short)" to help build familiarity and confidence. 


We have also found two excellent resources that you can use this week. The first are phonic lessons taught via videos funded by the Department for Education (England). This is well structured and may help bridge any gaps. There are a range of lessons in this link so you can simply choose the ones that you need.  You will find the link for this below.  The second is a great song which covers the letter name and sounds which your child will enjoy and help with learning both the letter names and sounds which children are expected to learn in Phase 3. We hope you enjoy them...

Alphabet Phonics Song

Alphabet Phonics song with letter names and sounds. Every letter has a name and sound.

This weeks letter sounds we are looking at are... ai, ee, oo (this is the long 'oo' sound - such as moon), oa.

Hide and Seek Snail Game - ai sound

This is a brilliant active game for your child to develop their knowledge of 'ai' sound words. Download the activity sheets - your child can practise their cutting out skills by cutting out the snails, or you could do it as a surprise, and then hide them around the garden, or if you can't do this then around the house. Then set your child off to find the snails...but they can only go on to find the next snail if they can read the word on the snail they have just found! 


Snail Trail Game - ai sounds

A lovely board game that you can play as a family. There is even a paper dice and counters provided if you are able to print off, cut and stick! Also a great opportunity to learn turn-taking and sticking to game rules!


Cheeky Mice Hopscotch - ee sound 

If you have chalk to create a hopscotch outside, or if you can't do this but have masking tape which you can stick to your flooring to create a hopscotch this is a great physical activity. If you are unable to do either then you could do 'finger hopscotch' where you create a small hopscotch on your worktop and use your fingers to do hopscotch! This game focuses on the 'ee' sound.


My 'oo' (long) sound workbook

This is a more table-based activity. A simple workbook which is based on the long 'oo' sound. You can use this book as a stimuli to go on and do other activities centred around the 'oo' sound.


oa Treasure Hunt

Thinking back to our last topic your child should now be comfortable with using treasure maps and know how much fun they can be! They can spot the things they can see (faintly drawn in grey) and record the word on a scroll (second sheet). This is broken down into phoneme frames to help. Phoneme frames are an excellent resource and we encourage you to use these every day just for practise of all the sounds they have learnt to date. 


Phase 3 Yes or No Question cards

Your last phase 3 activity this week that uses all the sounds that your child has learnt. They have to read the sentences independently and then give the answers yes or no. As you go through the pack it uses more sounds that we have learnt within phase 3.  To extend your child you could get them to think of their own questions and write them down for you to answer yes or no!

Blending and Segmenting week 4 (Phase 3, Set 9) - words that you can use within your phoneme frames as well as cut up and use as flashcards and then practise with writing.

This weeks HFWs are: was, will, with. Use the phase 3 sets you have had sent home, or you can find it to download here..

Keep up the good work everyone!