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New to Phase 3

Week Two of Phase Three!


We hope that you enjoyed starting the next phase within the Letters and Sounds programme and moving on to learning new sounds. We continue this week and introduce 'digraphs' which are two letters that make one sound. Take time to explain this idea to your child so that they understand that two letters can be joined together to make one sound as this is a key focus within Phase 3. Using phoneme frames will help you with this. Don't forget to follow the suggested format if you are able to (see last week for guidance on this).


Have fun! 

This weeks letter sounds that we are looking at are... y, z, zz, qu

Phase 3 Read and Roll

This game requires a dice. If you don't have a dice at home you can download a paper one and make your own.  Your child rolls the dice and has to work out what number it has landed on. They then go to the grid and find the right number and read the first word. When they get it right they can either colour it in or place a counter on it. The first number to have all the words read is the winner. Your child can continue if they would like to find which numbers came first, second, third etc. to build in some ordinal numbers for Maths!


The Phase 3 Sounds Mat is for your reference or to help you with your sentence writing.

Blending and Segmenting Week 2 (Phase 3, Set 7) - words that you can cut up and use as flashcards and then practise with writing.

Phoneme Flashcards for Y, Z, ZZ, QU can be found on page 2.

As the phase progresses the activities get more challenging, varied and increase in quantity. It is a gradual build-up so children maintain their love of phonics and are gently introduced to the expectations and skills to complete this phase. Children enjoy this phase as they can see how things begin to work more independently and they are able to access more words that surround them every day. It's exciting for them and rewarding for us!