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If you go down to the woods tonight ...

If you go down to the woods tonight ...


Having a teddy bears picnic is always a popular activity in Nursery. We have seen over the past few weeks just how many teddy bears you have at home. They have been patients at the Vet Clinic, customers at the Monkey Cafe and been on a Lost and Found adventure with you They have been working really hard to help you with your home learning so we definitely think they should be treated to a picnic.

CBeebies My Pet and Me - Teddy Bears Picnic song

Your teddy bears have been busy having a picnic down in the woods today but what would it be like if we went down to the woods at night? What do you do at night time? What do you think the animals do at night time? Watch this CBeebies video to help you understand what the woods might be like at night ...

Nocturnal and Diurnal Animals

Do you know what nocturnal means? Discuss together and help your child to begin to develop an understanding of its meaning.

Look at these photos of Nocturnal animals. Can you name them all? What do you know about them?  Where do they live?

Light and Dark

In Nursery we are always encouraging the children to ask 'Why?', to be interested and curious and want to be find out more. 

Such activities are always play based and informal, with the pace and complexity informed by the child's level of engagement and understanding. In learning about nocturnal animals the concept of 'day and night' and 'light and dark' can also be explored.


How do we know it is daytime? Where do we get light from? How many different sources of light can you find? Why is it dark at night?


Investigating Shadows

Make a shadow puppet of any design (there are some templates below if needed) and attach a lolly stick or straw to hold it.

Shine a torch at the puppet to create a shadow on the wall.

After you have played with the shadows, begin to talk with your child about the shadow. What is a shadow? How is a shadow made?

Now, use a hole punch or scissors to make a few small hole in the puppet.

Shine the torch at the puppet again.

Does the shadow look the same? What is different? Why can you see the light spots on the wall? 


If looking at and asking why has stimulated your child's interest in shadows, why not have a look at the handmade shadow puppets below and have a play with shadows a little more...