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Learning in Mathematics and Numeracy

The focus of our Maths this week is counting. It is really important that your child develops a secure understanding of these skills ... chanting numbers in order up to 10 and backwards from 10, counting items into a set, counting items taken from a larger set, matching a number of items to a numeral, matching written and spoken numerals and being able to count accurately using one-to-one correspondence. 


If your child is unsure of their numbers to 10 then we suggest that you complete this week’s activities working with numbers up to 5, only moving on to numbers up to 10 when they can confidently and independently identify and order numbers to 5.


If your child is working with numbers beyond 10, then we suggest that you complete the activities for this week to ensure that their counting skills are embedded - not just counting or identifying numbers, but moving forwards and backwards on the number line such as one or two more/less using mental recall independently. If these skills are secure then you can complete the activities using larger numbers, with the support of a hundred square or number line where needed with your child.

Useful Maths websites that your child may enjoy exploring to supplement their learning ...