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Numeracy tasks Week 14

Well done  Year 2 ....    

for working so hard to improve your Maths skills  over the last few months while you've been at home.


We are having a 'sporty theme' in school this week. At home we thought it would be fun for you to try out different sporting challenges.


smiley design an obstacle course around your garden, time how long it takes you to complete. Can you improve your time?

smileysee how many press ups, star jumps, burpies you can do in a minute. Can you improve your score through the week?

smileygo for a run/bike ride with a member of your family. Record how far you go.

smileydiscover a new sport or try something for the first time - badminton, tennis, cricket, frisbee throwing ....


Let us know how you get on!




As this is the last  week there are also different Maths activities with a summer theme. 


They will help you to reinforce  your clever understanding of multiplication, time, fractions and other areas of Maths.