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Nursery Home Learning Activities for w/c 1st February

Helo i gyd, sut wyt ti? ...

A very BIG BOO that we didn't have anymore 'proper' snow ... it was more like sleet! And in the week there has been a lot of rain! So rain is made up of water and rain makes everything very wet ... wet and water are clues for this week's Amazing Animals learning context! Can you guess? That's right it's OCEAN WEEK. We're off to discover the amazing animals that live under the sea and have fun with lots of water themed activities. We hope you have a super week splish splashing around. 


Don't forget to add a message when you 'hand in' your Purple Mash 2Dos to let us know what you have been getting up to or to share any news. Your messages really brighten our week. We hope you have been enjoying our voice messages back to you!


Parents ...

There is a lot of water involved in this week's learning. As adults these are the type of activities that we would think are great for hot summer days but when you are 3 and 4 years old getting wet and having fun can happen at anytime and in any weather. In Nursery the children are outside everyday and they never see weather as a barrier to their learning. If anything it's cold that tends to make them want to come inside. But as we were reminded when we had some snow, children feel the cold far less than us! Whilst we're wrapped up in multiple layers shivering with cold feet and hands, they are making snowballs with their coat off and without gloves on! YIKES!


Please remember the activities we share are only suggestions and many other 'water' themed opportunities might arise at home or when you are out and about. It is really helpful if your child is given many and varied opportunities to exploring and consolidate skills and concepts so please try and incorporate some of these activities into bathtime fun or when your child is helping you with the dishes! Sorry this could be a very messy week!


Thank you again for all that you are doing to help and support your child with their learning. We totally understand that Home Learning brings lots of challenges and as we are finding with our own children those challenges can be different from day to day. Sometimes it works brilliantly and you think yes I've got this ... and then next moment you feel like the world is crashing down around you and you're finding it hard to bite your tongue. Wherever and whenever you can ... go with the flow, be flexible, change the timetable or recognise that you just need to stop and do something that makes you all happy ... and remember half term is in sight!


Thank you again, we really appreciate your support. We hope you and your family have a good week.


Mrs Evans and Mrs Nash