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Once upon a time ... A long time ago! - Purple Mash 2Do Activity

Once upon a time ... a long time ago!


Introducing the concept of time and change will help develop your child's understanding of the world. Looking at photographs of themself as a baby and talking about how they have changed over time is a great starting point. Compare what they can do now with what they could do then.


Talk to your child about the photo/s of them as a baby. Do they remember what it was like to be a baby?

Were they able to drive a car and go shopping on their own when they were a baby? No? What did they do when they were babies then?
As you are talking you might what to compile a list of all the different things they could and couldn’t do when they were babies, ask if it’s still the same now.

Do you still wear nappies? Do you still drink milk from a bottle? Why not?
Show your child a more recent picture of themself ... maybe one of them on their first day at school. Talk to them about the things that they can do now.
So, are they the same now as when they were a baby?

Will they be the same when they are older?

What will be different when they are grown up?


A Long Time Ago! - Purple Mash 2Do Activity 

For this activity we would like you to interview (talk to) a grown up in your family. It could be mummy or daddy or grandma or grandpa! It doesn't matter who as long as they are a grown up as we need you to be a history detective and see what you can find out about what school was like a long time ago!

Sorry grown ups it can tricky to hear that we are now old enough to provide historical evidence!!!


Think about what you would like to find out about from your grown up! Here are some ideas to get you started!

What was it like when you went to school?

Tiddler was always late for school, what happened if you were late for school?

Did you have to wear a uniform? 

What games did you play?

Did you have computers in school? 

What was your favourite thing to do in school?


We are sure you are going to be surprised by some of the things you find out! Once you have found out the answers to your questions log into your Purple Mash account to access your 'A Long Time Ago!' 2Do.


In this 2Do we would like you to tell us about the 2 most interesting things you found out. In the top text box finish the sentence so we know who in your family you talked to. In the speech bubble boxes we would like you to tell us about the 2 most interesting things you found out! In the picture box in the bottom right hand corner why not add a photo or drawing of the family member you 'interviewed'. We can't wait to hear what you found out!

Other ideas and opportunities to think about:

  • When you are out for a walk encourage your child's awareness of features in the area you live. Point out how some buildings look older than others. 
  • Talk about past and present events in their own lives and in those of other members of the family or friends. 
  • Encourage investigative behaviour and raise questions such as, What do you think?, Tell me more about?, What will happen if..?, What else could we try?, What could it be used for? and How might it work?
  • Use language relating to time in conversations, for example, ‘yesterday', ‘old', ‘past', 'long time ago', ‘now' and ‘then'.