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Lost in the Jungle.

Lost in the Jungle


One (or more) of our Animals is Missing...

This activity can be adapted as much as you need to make it easier or harder to match your child's counting confidence.

Cut out five individual animals from the sheets below (or choose five toy animals that you have at home).

Lay them all out on a surface and encourage your child to count them by putting them into a straight line or moving them to form a second group to indicate that they have been counted. 


Check that your child's 1:1 correspondence is accurate (taps first animal and says 1, taps second animal and says 2...) Children not secure with 1:1 correspondence will often race ahead with the numbers they are saying. If they are not counting accurately then immediately reduce the number of animals being used. It is easier to establish the correct technique with a smaller number of items and then increase the number than it is to struggle on trying to count too big a number.


Take a photo or make a checklist of the animals in the group.

Have your child close their eyes and take one animal away.  Encourage them to look carefully, can they see that one is missing? Count to check. Can your child remember and name the animal that is missing?  Give them a clue or use the photo/checklist to remember.


Vary the number of animals in the set each time. So begin with 7 or 4 or 10, depending on your child's understanding and confidence, and always ask your child to count how many there are initially before you take away one.


Need a challenge? Use eleven or twelve animals in a set. Or take away two animals.  Help your child to work out how many are missing until they are confident with the process.

One Less Than (or One Fewer Than?) Activity

Hopefully having played the previous counting game this Powerpoint should prove to be fun and manageable. 

The concept of adding or taking away one is developed through experience and number awareness development.  If your child is struggling to grasp this concept just keep practising counting sets of objects as much as you can through play activities.  Use the language of one more and one fewer/less whenever possible. And always make it fun!!

I-Spy Counting Activity

This activity is much more fun using toys or anything of which you have multiples (pens, buttons, dice, satsumas, conkers, sticks, leaves).  Muddle them all up and ask your child to sort, then count, each set.  You could even create a physical pictogram and talk about which set has the most and which has the fewest.

If you would like to print the sheets and try them please begin with counting jungle animals up to 10.  Talk to your child about methods of remembering which animals they have counted because they can't move the animals into a straight line or to another sheet. Demonstrate how to cross out or tick each picture as it is counted.

Only attempt counting to 20 if your child is very confident in rote counting to 20 and uses 1:1 correspondence consistently.


Please note this is a challenge task. We do not expect your child to be able to count objects up to 20!!

Counting Jungle Animals to 10

If you would like to use this sheet then please remember to help your child to form the numbers accurately by writing the number in yellow pen and supporting your child in tracing over the top.