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Welcome back Year 1


We hope you have had a lovely half term break and that you are all safe, happy and healthy. 


Welcome to our last Year 1 topic ‘Mad About Minibeasts’. We are very excited about sharing this new topic with you. It is especially good for this time of year when the weather is nice and we can all spend time outside exploring the environment around us. 


‘Mad about Minibeasts’ is all about the minibeasts that share our planet with us. In this topic, you are going to have the chance to find out about different minibeasts. We will read some great minibeast stories, learn about different habitats, how minibeasts use camouflage, and how to protect the natural world around us.  We are going to keep practising our maths skills and keep being creative, but most of all we are going to have lots of fun on this learning journey. 


So come on! Let’s wriggle, fly, crawl and jump into this final topic together. 


Parents …


We have all become strangely familiar now with accessing learning activities online. This new topic will continue in the same way, with suggested new activities and Purple Mash tasks being added each week.  


In addition to the activities which will be put on the school website, this is a topic that can be easily enriched during daily outdoor activities. A minibeast hunt can add focus for a walk, whilst enhancing the children’s understanding of the world around them. 

The CBeebies website also has online games and episodes of  ‘Andy’s Secret Hideout’ and ‘Minibeast adventure with Jess’ which are both informative and age appropriate.  


Please remember that ‘home learning’ is so much more than the activities we are able to share with you. All the other things that you are doing together at e.g going for walks, gardening, bike rides, cooking, playing games etc will be really beneficial to your child’s development and wellbeing. They will be learning new skills and learning about themselves every day, often without you realising it. 

Both the children’s and parent’s happiness and wellbeing are incredibly important to us and we appreciate that you need to find a balance of activities that works for both you and your child. 


Diolch pawb,


The Year 1 Team

Welcome back Year 1


We hope you have had a lovely Easter break and that the Easter Bunny brought you lots and lots of chocolate Easter eggs. We are really missing your happy smiling faces and are so sorry that we can’t be in school together to start our new topic. However, it is still really important that we ‘Stay Safe Stay Home’. As we aren’t back in school yet we are going to do our very best to share some fun and exciting activities that you can enjoy working on at home. 


So here we go … our first topic for the Summer Term is ‘Commotion in the Ocean’. 

Commotion in the Ocean is all about water, the creatures that live in it and how we use it. You can have fun exploring different materials and their properties and investigating which creatures live in different oceans, rivers and ponds. This topic also explores holidays and the sea-side. Whilst we can’t actually travel anywhere at the moment it’s great to have things to look forward to and to think about the holidays we’ve enjoyed in the past. You can share memories of your favourite holidays with your family and plan the next one using a map of the world. If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go? 


Parents …

Each week we will be providing suggestions for learning linked to the topic. We will post a range of activities to allow you to undertake one literacy/topic and one numeracy task a day should you wish. We appreciate it isn’t always easy to encourage your child to complete work away from the school environment but hopefully you will find these shared learning experiences fun. We have tried to make these tasks as practical and suited to a home learning environment as possible. 


We hope you have a lot of fun during any of the learning you do together and if something doesn’t quite work out as planned don’t worry that often happens to us in school too! 


Please remember that lots of the other things that you are doing together e.g. going for walks, gardening, cooking, playing games etc will be really beneficial to your child’s development and wellbeing. They will be learning new skills and learning about themselves every day, often without you realising it.  


What is most important is that your child returns to school happy and healthy. Please try to enjoy this extra time spent together and please look after yourselves too.




The Year 1 Team

The content below will remain available should you wish to use any of these additional resources.

Welcome to our 'Home Learning' page where you can find links, resources and suggested activities to help you support your child’s learning over the coming weeks. We have sent home a folder of Literacy and Numeracy activities, these are to help you establish a daily routine focussed around Literacy, Numeracy and topic work should you require.

All of the above activities are intended to provide you with ideas that you can adapt and develop with additional words/numbers/themes.


We are aware that there are a number of educational resource websites that are dropping their subscription costs for a duration of time to support parents and teachers during the school closures. We have linked some of these to our website to help you and give access to valuable learning resources should you wish to use them. Please be aware that we are not endorsing or promoting these sites and that you must read the terms and conditions before subscribing. Rhiwbeina Primary school will not be held responsible for any costs you may incur to use these sites after any free trial periods are given.