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Dear Year 3,


All of the teachers in Year 3 have really enjoyed seeing your work on Google Classroom over the last two weeks. We've loved seeing you measuring daffodils, designing photo frames, researching Easter and making some excellent Google Sides presentations about teeth and Victorian jobs for children. You've also been busy practising your maths, spelling and reading skills. Best of all, because we've been missing you, we've really enjoyed hearing from you in the comments boxes! 


Now you have two weeks off to relax, recharge your batteries and spend lots of time with your families. Make the most of the time - play board games, help in the garden, do some cooking, practise your ball skills with keepie-uppies or throwing a ball against a wall, read, watch films together etc. If you did feel that you wanted to do some Pupil Voice activities over the Easter break, here are a few suggestions:


  • Keep doing Joe Wicks' workout so that you keep fit. Have you designed your own version of it yet?
  • Make one of the recipes on the class recipe book. You'll find the link in Google Classroom.
  • Design and make an Easter bonnet. You could make one for everyone in your house and hold an Easter Parade!
  • With mum or dad's help, do one of the brilliant science investigations found at:
  • Make a boat that will hold an egg (or an apple or chocolate egg if you can't get hold of any eggs) - this will really help for our next topic's DT project! You could use plasticine/wood/Lego - anything you can find!
  • Do some gardening. If you don't know where to start, this site has lots of great ideas:
  • Set up an Easter themed shop - you can then practice adding up totals and giving change.
  • Create an Easter egg hunt in your back garden or around the house.
  • Play an Easter-themed Kahoot. You'd need more than one player and piece of IT equipment in your house (or a friend to play with remotely): 


If you want to show us what you've been doing, you could put photos on to the "Other Work and Activities" folder in Google Classroom. You could even share your photos on the school twitter feed (@RhiwbeinaPrm) .

Whatever you get up to, we hope that you and all of your families stay safe and stay healthy. We'll look forward to seeing you back on Google Classroom on 20th April.


Until then, have a very happy Easter! We hope that the Easter bunny brings you lots of chocolate!

The Year 3 Team