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Over the Summer Holidays...

We understand that this academic year has been a very different experience than usual for both you and your child having to deal with the outbreak of Covid-19. We know that many of you have had difficulties to overcome in balancing home learning, work and family life or dealing with technology and resourcing activities amongst other things. We would like to say a huge well done to you all on overcoming these issues and/or adapting as best you can - we appreciate that this has not been an easy time for so many of you.  It is also understandable that many of you may feel anxious or concerned that your child may have missed out or be behind academically due to school closures. We want to reassure you that every child has experienced the same thing and that everyone is in the same boat! Please do not worry about this. Every teacher is busy making plans to adapt to this in September.


Knowing that many of you are keen to try and close any gaps you may have identified or simply want to keep your child's learning fresh ready for their move to Year One in light of the recent events of Covid-19 we have put together a few useful links, resources and ideas that you may like to use over the Summer below. This is most certainly not an expectation, but a support for those parents who would like a helping hand on what could be done in the holidays. The list is by no means exhaustive, just a few starting points.


As teachers we have continued to work tirelessly throughout school closures on not only the home learning activities but many things behind the scenes, and we will now be taking some time out to recharge our batteries and prepare for September. We are now logging off from setting or responding to activities on Purple Mash and updating the Reception home learning page over the summer holidays but please feel free to use both of these resources throughout the summer if you would like.  If you are part way through a phonics phase and you would like to complete this then you can search through the different pages as all of the resources from phase 2,3 and 4 are now loaded onto our Home Learning Pages. The order of letter sounds can also be found in the Letters and Sounds Parental Guidance if you need this.


Thank you for your continued support this year. It has been an absolute pleasure to teach your child and to get to know you all. We are very lucky as teachers to have so many kind, thoughtful and smiling parents and carers. We know that your child will love what lies ahead in Year One. Please don't forget to wave and say hello if you see us out and about in school!


Have a great summer everyone! You deserve it!

The Reception Team blush


Activities that you may find helpful...

Please don't forget that there are a whole host of links on our home learning front page that are invaluable. Scroll your way past the weekly activity links and you will find a great selection of educational sites as well as excellent well-being links.  These will certainly keep your little ones busy throughout the summer too!


Have fun everyone!