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Week Three - Home learning for 18th January

Welcome back Superheroes!


We are now on Week 3 of your superhero training school and we hope that you have been having fun with the activities sent from Superhero HQ!


It has been a pleasure to see your photos of your learning uploaded this week on Purple Mash. So many smiling faces, super learning activities and we have even seen some brilliant superhero learning ideas of your own - amazing! 


We are so excited that this week we will get a change to see your lovely faces and big smiles on Google Meet on Monday and Wednesday at 2.15-2.30pm!  Parents and Carers: please make sure you have logged in to your hwb account and can access Google Classroom for your class. Any problems please contact Mrs Bricknell, the IT Manager at school on  It is new for us too so please bear with us to sort any technological difficulties if any arise! 


Parents - we fully understand that lockdown means different things to you all. For some you may benefit positively from lockdown, and for others this can be a very difficult, overwhelming time. We know that some of you are under significant pressure right now and will be finding the balance between work, home and home learning tough or that the daily grind of lockdown and the restrictions put in place can be gloomy.  We hope that whatever lockdown means for you that you are all doing ok and managing to find a positive each day. We are thinking of you all and understand how you may be feeling. 


With home learning please do only what is manageable for you at home for your own family circumstances. The mental and emotional wellbeing of you and your family is paramount. To help, you will have seen that there are 'stepping stones' and 'further challenges' provided with the activities, however please note that you are not expected to complete either or both of these, they are only to be used if appropriate and needed for your child. For example, if your child finds an activity too challenging then move to the 'stepping stone' to ensure success and a positive learning experience, or if your child finds an activity easy and is a skill they have already mastered, then move to the 'further challenge' to ensure that they are learning something new! If they were suitably challenged and could complete the activity with a little support then they don't need to do either. Whatever you do just remember that every child's learning journey is different, every child's needs are different, and that it is not a race or a competition!


Stay safe everyone,

The Reception Team