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Parent Governor Vacancy 2021



There are currently two vacancies for parent governors on the Governing Body.

The links below will invite you to consider serving as a parent governor and to explain the role of the governing body.


Who are Parent Governors?

Parent governors are elected as representative of the interests of the parents of pupils. However, parent governors are not mandated delegates of parents. They are a member of a corporate body – the Governing Body – and have the same powers, duties and responsibilities as all other governors. Unless specifically instructed by the governing body, they have no individual powers to make decisions. Parent governors are entitled to exercise the same powers, duties and responsibilities as other governors and have the same rights as other governors. Parent governors are a distinctive category of governor and, as elected representatives, are well placed to understand the needs and points of view of parents. Parent governors are elected to serve a term of office of 4 years


What qualifications do School Governors need?

No special qualifications are needed to be a governor. Governors are given full information on their role from the Local Authority in addition to the opportunity to attend training courses. All new governors have to complete a mandatory induction training programme. New governors and those undertaking a second term of office also have to complete mandatory training on data. Details of this will be provided by the Local Authority.


What do I do next?

If you would like to be a parent governor you need to fill in the nomination form below or the copy sent via Schoop and return it to school by Monday 3rd May 2021 via the office email address .

Any nominations received after this date will not be accepted. If more nominations are received than there are vacancies, an election will be held which would be decided by a simple majority.