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Pencil Control Activities

Pre Writing Shapes

Children who can form these shapes find copying and correctly forming letters much easier.

You hopefully received a sheet of these shapes before school closed. 

Practise them in any way your child wants to - chalk or paintbrush and water on the patio, paint, shaving foam spread on a flat (non-permeable!) surface, a thin layer of sand/flour/rice on a tray, paint, crayon or pens.

Start by practising large top to bottom, circular or diagonal movements coming from the shoulder (we enjoy Squiggle While You Wiggle if you want to look it up) then take that movement and translate into drawn shapes.

As with everything we learn in Nursery, practise little and often is most effective.

Pencil Control Sheets

You don't have to print these sheets off if you'd prefer not to. You could copy the shapes onto paper in yellow broad tip pen and ask your child to follow the lines in different colours. Or draw them in chalk on a hard surface outside and ask your child to trace over them using water on a paintbrush.

Letter Formation Sheet

Practising the correct formation of each sound can be done in lots of fun ways.  Chalk on a hard surface outdoors, water and a paintbrush, in foam, sand or gloop (cornflour and water), in large movements using ribbons, large scale road letter shapes drawn for cars to drive on, and any number of creative ways I'm sure you will think of!  We also use the Hairy Letters app in Nursery.