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Once you have enjoyed this PowerPoint activity work with your child to see if they can make up clues for their favourite animals. It absolutely doesn't matter if they say the same as the original clues, it is still a very valuable skill to develop.
Can you count each set of animals? Can you record the correct number? Ask your mummy or daddy to write the number in yellow felt tip pen for you with a red dot where you should start and then carefully trace over it if you are not sure.

Pets Cutting Skills Activity

Print out the sheets and follow the dotted line to reach the pet in the circle.  If you are really skilful you can cut around the pet too! Remember thumb on top, elbow tucked into your side and move the paper, not the scissors! 

Look in the Fine and Gross Motor Skills Section if you need a further reminder about how to hold your scissors correctly.

Help Arthur to build homes for different pets.  Choose all the features each pet will need to try to make them happy.
Do you have any pets? What pet would you choose if you could have anything? Perhaps it would be a completely made up creature? Can you make a home for your imaginary pet using construction resources or junk modelling? Tell someone all about your pet - what does it look like? what does it eat? Where does it sleep? Does it have any friends? And what is it's name?
Some lovely colouring sheets.