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Phase 2

How did it go?

Last week we provided you with a range of different interactive games you could use to help support your child's use of Phase 2 phonics. We hope that you found some of these links helpful and that you now have some firm favourites that will continue to support your child's learning over the next few weeks, and possibly months. 


This week we have found two excellent resources that you may like to use. The first are phonic lessons taught via videos funded by the Department for Education (England). This is well structured and may help bridge any gaps. There are a range of lessons in this link so you can simply choose the ones that you need.  You will find the link for this below.  The second is a great song which covers the letter name and sounds which your child will enjoy and help towards bridging between Phase 2 and Phase 3

Alphabet Phonics Song

Alphabet Phonics song with letter names and sounds. Every letter has a name and sound. Just to spice things up!

What can I try this week?

We are so lucky to live in such a technology-based world when it comes to searching online for new ideas, and one thing that good teachers do is share! There are lots of websites, blogs, vlogs, pinterest, instagram pages and facebook groups that different educational professionals will share their ideas. Some ideas are so simple, others require some resources or modifying to suit you...but all of them are valuable in finding new ideas. All of these ideas are hands-on and interactive without having to go near a computer. Most children learn best by doing, being hands-on and these kinds of activities will help bridge any gaps your child will have if you are still looking at Phase 2 phonics. 


Below are a range of links for you to click on and explore. If you see something that you can resource at home or simply like the look of then be brave, be confident and just have a go!  All you have to do is modify to the sounds or high frequency words that your child is focusing on in order to be able to move to Phase 3.   Good luck!

The following photos came from Pinterest ( and are a great base for simple activities that you can do at home.

We know and appreciate that sometimes creating these practical ideas can take time, especially in comparison to using worksheets, however we reassure you that the amount you get back makes it worth it. Not only what your child gains academically, but if you are like us - you will just love watching your child complete and enjoy something you have made.  If you haven't got the resources to make any of these don't worry - just do the best you can. Have fun!