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Phase 2

Blending and Segmenting Set 3 - words that you ca cut up and use as flashcards and then practise writing with.

This weeks HFWs are on, not, and, into. Use the phase 2 sets you have had sent home, or download it here.

g, o, c, k flashcards - you have had these sent home but if you need another copy to support your learning this week, then you can find them here... *Sourced from Twinkl

Week 3 -  Worksheets have a use, but in school we always strive to make things as hands-on and creative as possible. It helps learning come to life! Use the activities above as ready-made resources but if you can try some hands on activities then you will notice a difference in your child's progress. Find something that you feel is achievable within your means at home and see what happens...


...If you use facebook there are lots of pages set up to support parents during the pandemic with lots of ideas.  A good idea this week is chalking giant letters outdoors on the walls and floors and making simple CVC words. You could even make a letter hunt around the garden for different letters and words your child has learnt so far.

...Pinterest is ever evolving and we are finding that the content is coming thick and fast now home learning is taking place across the nation. Keep checking for new ideas or updates of things you may like to do.

...Continue to use the free access sites such as Twinkl, Help your monster to read and Oxford Owl (information and link on Reception home learning page) to download more games, interactive resources online, and activities your child can do both independently and with others.

...Keep using the website links to play the games available or watching clips online to help with your child's phonics. 


Have fun everyone!