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Phase 2

We are now on our final week of teaching Phase 2 Letters and Sounds. By the end of this week your child will have covered all the sounds they need to know in Phase 2. Next week they will learn the last of the high frequency words in Phase 2 also and it will be time to assess where your child is at with their phonics and if they are ready to progress onto Phase 3, or identify any gaps in their learning that they need to address before they can carry on to the next phase.  We will help you with all of that, but for this week lets get started...


A model phonics session which should last no more than 30 minutes should include:

Sounding out letter sounds individually learnt to date,

Reading high frequency word (HFWs) flashcards learnt to date,

Writing cvc words (consonant-vowel-consonant e.g. dog, cat, van) in phoneme frames, and high frequency words (not in a phoneme frame!),

Activities to practise applying the skill they have learnt. 

Writing a short sentence independently using their CVC and HFWs words thinking about order, finger spaces and even a full stop!


It seems a lot but we keep it pacey, active and fun...the time quickly flies by!


Roll a Sound lll,f,ff,ss 

For this game you will need a dice with spots that goes from 1-6.  At the top of the sheet there is a key which tells you what colour matches each side of the dice and what letter sound it is too. Roll the dice, match up to the sound and colour, find it on the grid and colour it in. The game is complete once the children have coloured in all the squares.  This is also a great way to get in cross-curricular learning with numeracy and colours!


Sorting cards (f, ff, l, ll, ss)

Cut up the grids of pictures and muddle them all up.  Your child then has to place the pictures in the right letter sound grid. If you wanted to extend this learning even further then you could encourage them to write the word on the back of the picture too.


What's Behind the Door (Part 1 and 2)

This one is aimed at recapping all the letter sounds in Phase 2. You could make these and use them as flashcards again at a later date for those sounds that they need to practise before moving on to the next phase.  First, using a craft knife cut along the top, right hand side and bottom of the door (the left hand side is the door hinge!). Then stick the matching pictures to the sheet so they are hidden and secure behind the doors - you shouldn't need to trim either sheets down - keep them as whole sheets of A4.  Show your child each door and they have to say the sound, then they can check it by opening the door and seeing if that pictures sound matches what they have said. 



In Week 5 and 6 there are NO blending and segmenting sets.  Please use the ones you have printed and used to date shuffling them all up and having a go at doing lots of different sounds.  When children focus on a sound they can apply it in that session - being able to apply it when using lots of other sounds is a good check to see how secure your child's sound knowledge is. 

This weeks HFWs are 'Dad' 'Mum' 'up' 'if' 'of'. Use the phase 2 sets you have had sent home, or download it here. Don't forget to keep using the flashcards from the previous weeks as your child will need to see these all daily to fully embed them.

ll, ss flashcards - you have had these sent home but if you need another copy to support your learning this week, then you can find them here... *sourced from twinkl



Week 6 - Just take a moment to think that you've been doing phonics at home now for six weeks. That is a real achievement. We know that your phonic lessons will have been both rewarding and challenging, that resources, time and patience may have been short too... but here you are six weeks later having taught your child some of the important skills they need to make progress in phonics. You should not only be proud of your child, but also yourselves as their parent and now home-tutor. We are proud of each and every one of you for what you have managed to do! Come the end of your home schooling week - treat yourself and relax! You deserve it!