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Phase 2

Another week, another way!


When you cover the same sounds or words again sometimes the approach can feel a little too repetitive. At school we have to be innovative and find different ways to cover previous learning to help practise and embed. For some children the issue can be an 'over stimulus' in that what they have is too exciting, distracting or overwhelming for them. In these situations we would advise going back to basics removing ICT interactive games, lots of different colours and keep things as simple, calm and neutral as possible.  For others it is that it doesn't grip them enough and they need to find a way that excites and interests them. Lots of children love interactive online games as well as hands on making, doing and engaging in sensory play with those letters or words.  


This week we have catered for those children who need some different interactive ways to learn and practise their phonics. You may have already used some of these games at home but there are a few new ones we have found online that we think your child may enjoy. 


Next week we will take a look at sensory, hands-on activities to help enhance any areas of phase 2 phonics that you may still be working on. Then lastly we will strip it back to basics the week after that!


Top tip!  It may seem like your child is not yet ready for Phase 3 having completed the assessment a few weeks ago - but don't be afraid to re-assess at any point. Now may well be a great time to start slowly introducing Phase 3 phonics and help to get your child's interest motivated and engaged again. Give it a go!